Film for EBM

Film for EBM, 2018, HD video, 5 minutes

Film for EBM was added to the exhibition Feel After the New See in the final week of the exhibition at Hatton Gallery, Newcastle. It was later included in the Women Artists of the North East Library exhibition at Workplace Gateshead, curated by Holly Argent.

The film combines the actions of athletes moving in a gym with footage that captures flows of movement around the exhibition space that the film was shown within. Film for EBM was researched and developed throughout the run of the exhibition and was informed by: a research visit to the Ella Bergmann Michel archive at The Sprengel Museum, Hannover; Feeling After Structure, a live action role play devised and delivered by Sarah Jury with consultation from Hamish MacPherson; and Rotation Process, an expanded screening event held within Feel After the New See that explored choreographic efforts and the sense that one’s actions might be scripted by one’s environment.

Thanks to the willing members of Unity Gym, Newcastle (formerly CrossFit North East England), and Karin Orchard and Marita Behnert at The Sprengel Museum for their support.

Film for EBM was made with Meerkat Films.