Ushering In

Ushering In, 2018, paint, MDF, castor wheels, A4 B&W prints displayed within in situ A1 notice boards.

Commissioned by Gold Tapped Gallery, Newcastle.

Gold Tapped gallery is located within the thoroughfare to the first floor of Carliol House, a building currently occupied by members of The NewBridge Project, a studio group established in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2010.

Carliol House, built in 1927 for NEESCo (the company which eventually became Northern Electric) was originally positioned within a grand suite of Art Deco buildings that welcomed those entering Newcastle on the old A1 road via the newly built Tyne Bridge. Since the A1 bypass was built in the late 1980s the street now exists at a lesser-used threshold to the city centre and the area has faded due to a lack of flow through this once main arterial route.

Ushering In uses wall painting, furniture and a video shot list to consider the situation of a gallery that is located within an entrance, threshold and thoroughfare to the workplace of a group of artists, within a building that has been leased to them for a fixed term.